Finally, An Eco Friendly Office Supply Company That's Actually...Eco Friendly.

Posted by Nick Riebel on

But, are our office supplies a little TOO friendly? 

We developed an extensive and comprehensive Raw Scoring system to ensure that all of the products on The Raw Office are eco forward. We dug up every environmental claim, label, and certification on the 75,000 products that we curated for possible inclusion on The Raw office. In classifying these based on impact, we developed a point system to rank the sustainability factor of each product on our website. A rating of 3.5 stars means that the product has a higher Raw Score than 91% of the hundreds of thousands of conventional office products on the market today. 

We only select products manufactured with a minimum of fifty percent-recycled materials or agricultural fibers - except for inks, toner, soaps, and sanitizers, of course. These get a pass on our recycled content baseline as they are office must-haves and fit some of our other criteria for ranking: such as reduced packaging, non-toxic and natural ingredients, or local production.

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