Easy lifestyle changes you can make to help the environment

With Earth Day kicking off today, Jeff Golfman has some tips for you to cut down your household waste and help the environment.


By printing on recycled paper you use less energy, less water, and produce lower carbon emissions than the manufacturing process used in producing virgin paper, or non-recycled paper. At the same time, this reduces the amount of waste to landfill as paper can be recycled four to five times over.

When waste paper ends up in the landfill, it releases methane gas, which is 23 times higher and more harmful to the environment than CO2. Instead re-use your paper and then recycle it. On average the production of virgin fibre paper, when followed by incineration, uses twice the energy as conventional methods.

As a bonus, living trees sequester CO2 so if you use recycled paper, less trees need to be cut for paper production, which reduces net carbon emissions.

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