Eco Integrity

At The Raw Office we stand behind our products. We reviewed and curated more than 75,000 office products, from hundreds of manufacturers. Our Raw Score 5 star ratings show you the eco friendliness of every product that we sell.

Raw Eco Score

ranks items 0-5 stars

(3.5-5 stars required)

+ Recycled Content

+ Non-Toxic

+ Valid Eco Claims

+ Social Impacts

- Virgin Materials

- Toxic Manufacturing

- Greenwashing

- Greenhouse Gases

Only 7% of products

curated meet our

5 star highest standards

Selecting Manufacturers

We believe in our core values and expect our manufacturers to hold similar values and adhere to a high-degree of environmental awareness. Not only do we ensure that we carry the most eco forward products available, we are also careful in selecting manufacturers which ensure a verifiable commitment to reducing environmental impact.

  • Natural Systems
    Known Source
    Certified Forest Management
    Sensitive Forest Fiber
  • Raw Materials
    Recovered Content
    Water Withdrawal
    Energy Use
  • Manufacturing
    Air Quality
    Water Quality
    Solid Waste
  • Credible Verification
    Public Reporting
    Certified Labels
    Life Cycle Studies
  • Social Impact
    Labor and Human Rights
    Human Health and Safety
    North American Made
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    Raw Eco Score Methodology

    Find out more information like our Raw Eco Score through this downloadable eBook. Contains elaborated details about The Raw Office's Eco Integrity and Methodology.