The Raw Office team is composed of green-minded individuals seeking to create a triple-bottom-line for our customers. Workplace sustainability is the driving force behind the team at The Raw Office. Everything that we do, we make sure it resonates with protecting our environment and providing a social value currently unequalled within the office supply industry.

Jeff Golfman | Founder & President

Jeff has been an eco-entrepreneur with a passion for innovation, protecting our planet and healthy living for the past 25 years. Click here to see more about Jeff.

Martijn Spronk | Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

With almost 20 years experience in various aspects of development and technology, Martijn is bringing his passion for environmental awareness to The Raw Office by guiding the technological aspects in the right direction.

Brian Donley | Director of Customer Experience

Brian got his chops in a social enterprise startup and most recently worked with one of the largest and fastest growing eCommerce companies in North America.

Julie Lien | Rawffice Manager

Julie is the glue that holds The Raw Office together. Julie get things done and makes things happen.

Ivan Shern | Front End Developer

Ivan is a recent graduate at University of Toronto and also the newest member of our group.

Helen Huang | Import Manager

With 15 + years in the financial services business and a lifetime of Asia Pacifc business dealings, Helen is an invaluable member of the Raw Office team.