Eco Starter Kit Bundle 4


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Eco Starter Kit Bundle 4
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Nature Saver Hardcover Twin Wire Notebooks

SKU: NAT20205

Recycled Content: 100% Production: Made in Estonia

Hardcover Notebk, Twin Wire, 80 Shts, 8-1/4x5-7/8, BN/KFT

Selling Price: $5.69 Suggested Retail: $8.76

Paper Mate Recycled Correction Tape (Pack of 2)

SKU: PAP1744480

Recycled Content: 67% Production: Made in Malaysia

Correction Tape, Recycled, Comfort Grip, 2/PK, WE

Selling Price: $5.68 Suggested Retail: $8.74

Pentel EnerGel X Retractable Gel Pens (Pack of 5)


Recycled Content: 84% Production: Made in Mexico

Gel Pen, Retractable, .7mm, Med Metal Tip, 5/PK, Ast

Selling Price: $6.54 Suggested Retail: $9.75

Zebra Eco Zebrite Double-ended Highlighter

SKU: ZEB75005

Recycled Content: 74% Production: Made in Japan

Double-ended Highlighter,Fine/Chisel Point,5/ST,Assorted

Selling Price: $5.49 Suggested Retail: $$8.45

Bundle Suggested Retail: $35.70 Bundle TRO Selling Price: $32.12

Additional Discount: 10 %

Final Price: $28.90

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