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Bundles are the best way to get premium, eco friendly products that have been put together to make your life easier! Shop the eco starter kit bundle and be stocked with eco notebooks, correction tape, pens, and highlighters. Bundles save you time, money, and is easy as 1, 2, 3.
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Nature Saver Hardcover Twin Wire Notebooks

SKU: NAT20205

Recycled Content: 100% Production: Made in Estonia

Hardcover Notebk, Twin Wire, 80 Shts, 8-1/4x5-7/8, BN/KFT

Selling Price: $5.69 Suggested Retail: $8.76

Paper Mate Recycled Correction Tape (Pack of 2)

SKU: PAP1744480

Recycled Content: 67% Production: Made in Malaysia

Correction Tape, Recycled, Comfort Grip, 2/PK, WE

Selling Price: $5.68 Suggested Retail: $8.74

Pentel EnerGel X Retractable Gel Pens (Pack of 5)


Recycled Content: 84% Production: Made in Mexico

Gel Pen, Retractable, .7mm, Med Metal Tip, 5/PK, Ast

Selling Price: $6.54 Suggested Retail: $9.75

Zebra Eco Zebrite Double-ended Highlighter

SKU: ZEB75005

Recycled Content: 74% Production: Made in Japan

Double-ended Highlighter,Fine/Chisel Point,5/ST,Assorted

Selling Price: $5.49 Suggested Retail: $$8.45

Bundle Suggested Retail: $35.70 Bundle TRO Selling Price: $32.12

Additional Discount: 10 %

Final Price: $28.90

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