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Bundles are the best way to get premium, eco friendly products that have been put together to make your life easier! Shop the get organized bundle and stock your office with calendars, desk organizers, expanding file cases, and more. Bundles save you time, money, and is easy as 1, 2, 3.
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Doolittle Ecotones Compact Calendar Desk Pads

SKU: HOD12440

Recycled Content: 100% Production: Made in United States

Desk Pad, 12 Month, Jan-Dec, 22x17, Blue

Selling Price: $9.48 Suggested Retail: $14.58

3M Post-it Helsinki Greener Pop-Up Notes (Pack of 12 Pads - 100 Each)


Recycled Content: 100% Production: Made in United States

Pop-Up Notes, Recycled, 3x3, 100 Sht/PD,12/PK, Helsinki

Selling Price: $17.50 Suggested Retail: $26.93

Nature Saver 1/3 Cut Manila File Folders (Box of 100)

SKU: NAT00836

Recycled Content: 100% Production: Made in China

File Folders,1-Ply,11Pt.,1/3 Cut Asst. Tab,Letter,100/BX,MA

Selling Price: $19.82 Suggested Retail: $30.49

Officemate Recycled Paper Clips (Box of 10)

SKU: OIC99961

Recycled Content: 100% Production: Made in United States

Paper Clips, Recycled, No. 1, 100/BX

Selling Price: $0.49 Suggested Retail: $0.75

Paper Mate Flexgrip Ultra Recycled Pens (Pack of 12)

SKU: PAP9630131

Recycled Content: 55% Production: Made in Mexico

Flexgrip Ultra Ball Pen, Med Pt.,Black Ink/Black Barrel

Selling Price: $13.81 Suggested Retail: $21.24

Pilot G-Knock BeGreen Retractable Gel Ink Pens (Pack of 12)

SKU: PIL31508

Recycled Content: 82% Production: Made in Japan

Rolling Ball Pen,Gel Ink,Refill.,Fine Pt,Red Ink/Barrel

Selling Price: $16.85 Suggested Retail: $25.92

Rediform Executive Wirebound Notebook


Recycled Content: 100% Production: Made in Canada

Wirebound Notebook, Clg/Mrn Rld, 9-1/4x7-1/4, 75Shts, BK

Selling Price: $8.64 Suggested Retail: $13.29

Zebra Eco Zebrite Double-ended Highlighter

SKU: ZEB75005

Recycled Content: 74% Production: Made in Japan

Double-ended Highlighter,Fine/Chisel Point,5/ST,Assorted

Selling Price: $5.49 Suggested Retail: $8.45

Bundle Suggested Retail: $141.65 Bundle TRO Selling Price: $105.28

Additional Discount: 10 %

Final Price: $94.75

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