Student Bundle Grades 1-6

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Bundles are the best way to get premium, eco friendly products that have been put together to make your life easier! Shop the student bundle and stock your desk with pens, tape, markers, sticky notes and more. Bundles save you time, money, and is easy as 1, 2, 3.
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Acme Faux Burled Wood Ruler

SKU: ACM14077

Recycled Content: 70% Production: Made in China

Plastic Ruler, with Wood Inlay, 12 L, Black/Burl

Selling Price: $2.54 Suggested Retail: $3.90

Acme KleenEarth Basic Recycled Scissors

SKU: ACM14882

Recycled Content: 70% Production: Made in China

Recycled Basic Scissors, Straight, 8, AST

Selling Price: $16.54 Suggested Retail: $25.45

Baumgartens White Block Erasers (Pack of 4)

SKU: BAU74121

Recycled Content: 80% Production: Made in China

Block Pencil Erasers, Recycled, 4/PK, White

Selling Price: $1.10 Suggested Retail: $1.69

Bic Ecolutions Mechanical Pencils (Pack of 10)


Recycled Content: 65% Production: Made in France

Mechanical Pencils, .7mm, 10/PK, Assorted

Selling Price: $3.76 Suggested Retail: $5.79

Ampad Earthwise Recycled 3HP Notebooks

SKU: TOP25206

Recycled Content: 100% Production: Made in Mexico

80 Sheets - Printed - Wire Bound - 15 lb Basis Weight - Letter 8.50" x 11" - White Paper - Assorted Cover - Pressboard Cover - Recycled - 1Each

Selling Price: $3.99 Suggested Retail: $8.70

Crayola Lift Lid Crayola Crayon Sets (Single cartridge)

SKU: CYO523024

Recycled Content: % Production: Made in United States

Selling Price: $2.06 Suggested Retail: $2.71

Bundle Suggested Retail: $48.24 Bundle TRO Selling Price: $29.99

Additional Discount: 10 %

Final Price: $26.99

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